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The EKLOZION team is made of

experts who will guide and advise you with
a sharp, objective and caring eye.
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You will have a team of experts on hand concerned

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Nelly Christelle DIAWARA

After several years in finance, Nelly Christelle DIAWARA combines her ESG convictions and her taste for finance by creating EKLOZION.

Graduated in financial engineering and capital markets, intercultural management and corporate finance, she is a member of several commissions.

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Our History

For human being to think of a new way of living while respecting the planet.


The main challenge is to make SRI (socially responsible investment), CSR (corporate social responsibility), ESG (corporate social governance), ESG (environmental, social and good governance criteria) and financial analysis known to as many people as possible.


Unfortunately, these two analyses are far apart despite their complementarity.

EKLOZION wants to bring together the two notions so that they can be a lever for both of them in the economy.


The planet is everyone's business, and the future of our future generation must be led by as many people as possible.


The group's objective is to democratize SRI/RSE/ESG information for wider accessibility, both to professionals in the field and to individuals.


eklozion presidente nelly christelle diawara



In view of the upsurge in heat peaks and climate change, should we put finance and non-finance under pressure or should we change our economic model?


We must acknowledge the existence of certain forms of investment, and of governance that encourages us to question the future of our economic and financial policies. This task must be accomplished both nationally and internationally. The conferences on finance and ecology in recent years have certainly opened up avenues for reflection and discussion, but despite these advances, much remains to be done.
These subjects concern us all and it is up to the insiders to ensure that information flows smoothly and is accessible to as many people as possible, in order to successfully carry out this project, which is the preservation of our collective environment: the earth.


Like a house, it needs daily maintenance and adequate financial resources for its balance and proper day to day running.


Perhaps you would think that these changes are the responsibility of a few specialists or experts? Not necessarily, because the planet is everyone's business. For an ideal living environment, finance must serve the non-financial sector in order to promote sustainable development.


Thus, to become an actor of change and contribute to the dialogue between finance and non-financial, we invite you to discover these two worlds. For as Aristotle said: ‘‘Knowledge of words leads to knowledge of things’’.
Be part of this transition!!!

Nelly Christelle DIAWARA
President - Founder and CEO


Our Values - ER2P de EKLOZION

E for Ethics
Because respect for humans and living beings is a priority. Putting ethics at the heart of relationships is our leitmotiv. Respect for its employees and the value of their work are essential for the smooth running of EKLOZION.

R for Responsible
Building a better future and environment together, fostering collaboration in interpersonal and professional relationships. Work in a respectful ecosystem that reconciles social, environmental and societal impact.

P for Performance
Give the best of yourself for a quality production. Be concerned with the good results of your customers.

P for Pertinent
Precisions in the analyses, diagnoses and advice given to its customers.


Our Offers

A wide range of services is available through:
The analysis
opportunity for individuals and professionals to order non-financial and financial analysis sheets from listed or unlisted companies, public institutions or local authorities on request,
Financial and non-financial advice
through a tailor-made follow-up and support aimed at professionals (companies, associations, States...) and business angels.

Training courses
face-to-face and e-learning services available to individuals, companies and institutions.












Address EKLOZION - 62 boulevard Jean Jaurès - 78400 CHATOU - France

Phone +33 7 81 65 93 38


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