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Apply in the EKLOZION Group


It means making your analytical and synthetic skills, your open mind, your ability to listen and take initiative available to companies.


Joining our group means having a sense of working differently, responsibly and independently.

Working from is now a source of professional development. EKLOZION allows its employees to benefit from this scheme.


Inquisitiveness, pragmatism, as well as good communication skills are recognized values within our company.



The recruitment process


Our recruitment process is intended to be opened to everyone's potential.
Also, during the interview, you will be able to explain all your motivation, your energy and we will be able to answer all questions about the EKLOZION GROUP.


If you wish to apply, send us your CV and cover letter.

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Address EKLOZION - 62 boulevard Jean Jaurès - 78400 CHATOU - France

Phone +33 7 81 65 93 38


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