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I had the pleasure of speaking with Miss Nelly Christelle Diawara when I was a financial analyst at Crédit Agricole in Paris.

I received her support in preparing my first sector notes.

Nelly has always been passionate about Finance and has an excellent analytical and synthetic mind. She has all the qualities necessary for Eklozion's Consulting and Analysis approaches.


B. V. - Manager Investment Banking



Nelly-Christelle, the president of Eklozion has an eye for details and dedicated to her work.

She ensures the work is well done within budget and deadline.
I am continuously benefiting from her expertise and creativity.

Good value.


P. T. – Ceo of a communication company



I met Nelly Christelle DIAWARA at a seminar on sustainable development issues.

Her human and professional qualities remain quite remarkable.

The advice and guidance of this financial analyst, invested in the field of renewable energies, enabled me to achieve a better performance and obtain good results.
Do not hesitate for any advice on this subject, trust her.


M.K. - Manager of a non-profit organisation



Mrs Nelly Christelle DIAWARA, from whom I received advice and guidance in the field of sustainable development, non-financial and financial matters. She prooved to be an expert in her field.

In addition, beyond her professional qualities, she embodies human values and qualities.

She was a good advisor to me in my candidacy for legislative elections in 2016 and municipal elections in 2018.

A woman of integrity, a fighter and courageous, she will be able to meet all challenges.


C. V. - Director General of Higher Education Institution



I enjoyed working alongside Nelly Christelle DIAWARA who was wonderful, very attentive to others and above all never short of pragmatic advice concerning the financial and non-financial training to be undertaken such as CSR, responsible finance, ESG.

Nelly Christelle is a very friendly person with very high qualities.


S. H. - Structured Finance Framework




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